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Explore, collect and create txt files.
Exploring & pulling texts from Logarion repositories
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Logarion repositories are collections of text files, accompanied by a special index file. These collections can exist on any server and accessed by any transport protocol. Logarion's client currently supports a plethora of protocols, HTTP, FTP, Gopher to name a few examples.

A remote repository can be registered and texts copied locally. To add a new remote run: `txt pull <url>`, where <url> is the address of the remote repository. The program will connect to the server, copy the `index.pck` file and use it to download each text file. It will not redownload previous texts, unless their Date or Date-Edited dates are newer than the previous ones.

The text files are by default downloaded to `.local/share/texts/peers/`. A new directory is created for each peer's unique id and the index & texts are stored in it. Running `txt pull` with no URL, will refetch indices from all previously pulled repositories, and new text files will be downloaded automatically.