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Generate static HTML and Atom feed

Set environment

Download logarion-xml from https://logarion.orbitalfox.eu/downloads/ or build the source https://cgit.orbitalfox.eu/logarion-xml/.

To generate a website for your archive, copy some essential theme files (css and fonts) in .logarion/static. The generator copies everything from static into the root of the export directory. There is a basic stylesheet to begin with.

Running the generator

Then generate the website:

 logarion-xml convert "html"

Where html is the name of the directory you wish the website files to generated created into. This will:


Upload the files inside the html folder on to your web server for publication. For example, with rsync:

rsync -r html/* user@server:/path/to/web-dir

Sharing a feed

When exporting in HTML, Logarion generates a feed.atom file. This file can be subscribed to by those interested in your archive's content and changes, using an Atom - news aggregator.