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Title: An example
Authors: John Doe <john.doe@example.com>, Agent Smith <agent.smith@example.com>
Date: 2018-03-15T21:37:42-00:00
Categories: published, unlisted
Keywords: example
ID: c0615a9d-3844-4b56-91cc-4b1968ddd7ab


Status: stable

A title for the file.

Recommendation: avoid using titles more than 50 characters long


Status: stable

A succinct summary of the file's important points. It can be used in space-constrained listings, or for sharing on websites.

Recommendations: best to keep less than 500 characters


Status: interim, working on more generalised attribution values

List of name <address> values.


Status: stable

Date article was created. Value is ISO 8601 formatted.


Status: stable

A universally unique identifier for the file.


Status: stable

A list of predefined, built-in, Logarion predicates for the file. These are not for cataloguing.

Possible values:


Status: stable

Topics are broad themes for the archive.

Recommendation: an archive should aim to have a small set of topics (1 to 9). Use keywords for a longer list of indexing terms.


Status: stable

List of key words for file, separated by comma. Multi-word keywords are permitted, e.g. Keywords: example, multi-word phrase, foo-bar.


Status: stable

A file can be part of multiple series, determined by comma separated phrases, e.g. Series: Lord of the Rings, fantasy book reviews.