Start your own Logarion archive

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To get started, create a directory for your notes, cd to that directory and then run:

logarion init

This creates the following:

Before creating any files, edit .logarion/config.toml. The fields are self-explanatory, with the most important ones being title, owner, email.

Once ready, create your first text:

logarion create "Hello world"

This will automatically produce a hello-world.0.md file, with the basic header fields and a couple of lines for you to enter your text. The minimum a Logarion text needs to have is an ID.

Use your favourite editor to modify the generated file. Some editors to whet your appetite:

There are a lot of editors to choose from. Logarion isn't affected by which editor is used. Read more about header fields.

For examples, take a look at Logarion's own archive here: https://cgit.orbitalfox.eu/logarion-texts/tree.